Saturday, December 26, 2009

Pour House - Puts the G in T

To try to work off a bit of our Christmas girth, my wife and I decided to take a long walk from our place in Mount Vernon Triangle to see an exhibition at the Library of Congress. Afterward we decided to get a drink and headed over to Pour House. I wasn't in the mood for anything complicated or heavy so I went with a gin & tonic. FINALLY, a place that knows how to make a G&T! To me a G&T should be gin sweetened by some tonic with the added benefit of the fizz - about 2 parts gin to 1 part tonic (or 1 to 1 if that's too much gin for you, but not any more), brightened with a good squeeze of lime. The kind lady at the bar was not skimpy with the Bombay Sapphire and gave the drink a dash of tonic. The taste of the gin was up front with the tonic and lime giving it a smoothness that let it go down easy. Thank you Pour House.

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