Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Busboy and Poets - A Martini Nightmare

I went by the new Bus Boys & Poets on 5th and K. I know this isn't a place one would recommend for its cocktails (so don't get all fussy on me), but I'm an equal opportunity kinda guy and thought I'd swing by since it's close to home. The bar on the ground floor was full so I went to the upstairs lounge. After having a look at their cocktail menu which seemed to be geared more towards the sweet palate of a sorority girl, I sat at the bar and ordered a drink I'd hope anyone with a basic bartending certification could make - a Hendricks gin martini with three olives. Hendricks gin is for me one of the best mainstream/easily available gins out there.

Given BB&P is more of an easy-going neighborhood establishment I wasn't expecting a masterpiece. But as I watched the bartender, who didn't seem to be too busy, I noticed he didn't attempt to chill the glass (fine). He poured in the gin and a splash of vermouth into a shaker and gave the martini a lazy shake and poured it out. He then plopped three olives in to the martini and handed it over to me saying "sorry, we're out of toothpicks" and gave me a cocktail straw to fish them out. Try it, it's not easy. He did end up finding some toothpicks, but after five minutes the martini was room temperature. Seriously, isn't a martini in the first week of bartending school?

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