Monday, April 25, 2011

Jack Rose at The Source

My wife and I went by The Source, the posh Wolfgang Puck restaurant connected to the the Newseum. My day job has given me the opportunity to eat lunch there a few times and the food is phenomenal. My wife is preggers and has been craving really flavorful foods and so I thought it would nice to do something special and get a few appetizers at the bar. The barkeeper was nice enough to throw together a non-alcoholic fruit medley for my wife that was nice and refreshing. Before the food came, I decided to go with the classic Jack Rose named after the 1920s New York gangster. It's a fun cocktail made with Laird's Applejack, an apple whiskey much like Calvados, lime juice and grenadine. I was reminded that it can look a bit girly, with the grenadine giving is a pinkish/rosy color, but what should one expect with Rose in the name? However, in a nice contrast to the color is a mature flavor with notes of earthy whiskey, sweet apple and tart lime.

The barkeeper got excited when I ordered the Jack Rose saying it was formerly on the the restaurant's signature cocktail menu which gave me the peace of mind that they knew how to make a proper one. When it arrived it had its signature color, served in a cocktail glass with rounded sides. Going against the classic ingredients it looks like they added a bit of raw egg white which gave it a frothy head adding an appealing sophisticated look. I was however a bit disappointed in the flavor. The Applejack, which should be the showstopper, was hidden far behind the rest of the ingredients. I don't know if The Source is trying to appeal to sweeter, more mainstream palates, but the (Apple)Jack was definitely overwhelmed by the Rose. As if the proportions were reversed, what I got was lime and grenadine, which should be used sparingly (for color only). It was fruit punch with mild hints of Applejack.

We ate the stir-fried Colorado lamb in lettuce cups. They were out of this world.

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