Thursday, April 21, 2011

Egg-based cocktails

Imbibe Magazine just released some great egg-based cocktail recipes just in time for Easter. They call for the use of egg whites which add a smooth texture and frothy foam on top. The use of raw egg whites is not as dangerous as conventionally thought. They are widely used in many European and Asian cuisines. You may have unknowingly consumed them already if you've been to a nice restaurant that makes a classic Cesar salad (tradition calls for a raw egg yolk in the dressing) or if a restaurant makes their own mayonnaise as well as the royal icing on that special cake. If you are still not convinced you can find pasteurized egg whites at certain stores. I have used raw egg whites many times but I go the extra mile in finding organic, locally and sustainably raised eggs rather than the mass-produced processed eggs found at major grocery store chains. Freshness is key and it will add a whole new dimension to your cocktail making.

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