Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Oyamel - Classic Margarita

Just met with some buddies for a couple of drinks at Oyamel and we caught the end of happy hour so we ordered some of their classic margaritas ($4) and some tacos. They were like butter. The tequila, Herradura Silver, is as smooth as silk and played extraordinarily well with the freshly squeezed lime juice and triple sec along with what appeared to be shaved salt which dissolved immediately when sipping. However, they know the trick to a great margarita which is a splash of freshly squeezed orange juice. I learned that while getting a personal tour and lesson on the Patron Tequila Express when it passed through Union Station. It is often left out of or never even considered in margarita recipes and it's such a pity. It's a natural way to sweeten and to add a bit of complexity to the flavor.

I've also had the "Oyamel" with salt air, which is a spin-off on a margarita with fresh lime juice, Patron Citronge and Jose Cuervo. The salt air serves as a replacement to the salt-rimmed glass and the texture is similar to its name. Instead of experiencing the immediate impact of salt, the salt air adds a more well-rounded briny dimension to the drink giving the benefit of salt but in a whole new way - as a foamy cappuccino-like layer. It also looks pretty cool. Salt air is one of Jose Andreas' classic feats of molecular gastronomy, something he is famous for especially at Mini Bar. The Washingtonian was able to get the recipe. Whip up some salt air at your next party and you'll be the talk of the town.

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