Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Caipirinha at Mate

I recently joined some friends at Mate in Georgetown on the corner of K and 31st. It had been a few years since I had been inside with its ueber-sophisticated, loungey atmosphere and rows of primped fashionistas. Mate comes to you from the same people who run Chi Cha Lounge, Gua-Rapo, and Nena. It offers a sushi menu to satisfy your hunger. There happy hour runs Monday-Friday from 5-7pm and offers selected $6 cocktails, $7 martinis, $4 beers and $6 wines. Our server was terrific, coming back at the right time to check in but not annoyingly hovering or MIA. It's list of signature cocktails is a fun but cautious medley of Latin flavors catering more to the palate that doesn't want to go too far of the beaten track.

Having reviewed the Caipirinha at Chi-Cha Lounge and Perry's I thought I'd see how Mate would compare. As you may have seen from my Chi-Cha Lounge review, their Caipirinha was something to be desired. Mate had their act together. Unlike a lot of versions around town that play to less mature palates, the cacha├ža was the pillar of the drink with its distinct fruity and woody notes. It was balanced lovely by a perfect ratio of acidic lime juice and just the right amount of sugar giving it a pleasant smoothness to the mouth. It wasn't trying to be anything else. It started off bold and finished clean.

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