Saturday, March 6, 2010

Cocktail and Food Pairings

I wrote a while back about what I think is the ultimate food compliment to a classic gin martini - a roast beef sandwich with a good smear of blue cheese dressing and horseradish. For me the martini serves as a sort of palate cleanser with benefits for the rich, robust blue cheese complimented by the buttery roast beef.

The Washington Post recently wrote an article on how bars and restaurants in DC, especially those that like to think of themselves as cocktails gurus, have introduced cocktail-food pairings. The piece brings together some arguments of those for and those against the idea. There is a side that argues that cocktails are too overpowering with their level of alcohol as opposed to wine. Or the flavors of a spirit might be too robust, such as tequila. Or are food-cocktail pairings simply unfamiliar to the mainstream who has been conditioned to think that wine is a food's best friend? It's true that cocktails are usually not served with a main meal (the article points out that margaritas seem to be really the exception to the rule) but historically cocktails came accompanied with small bites.

The piece highlights cocktail-food pairings at The Passenger's Columbia Room, Proof, PS7's, Restaurant Eve, and Rasika.

So much to drink, so little time.

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